Sleep Mate - Full iOS Application

Sleep Mate - Full iOS Application,Sleep Mate v1.0 - Full iOS Application

Sleep Mate - Full iOS Application

‘Sleep Mate’ is a full iOS application for establishing a sleep mode, meditation and gaining harmony with yourself.

The application contains three main menus. The first contains two submenus – vertical and horizontal, and includes charming sounds recommended for listening.

The second menu includes an exercise aimed at improving breathing, calming and self-balance.

The third menu is a list of various sounds: rain, fireplace, thunderstorm, ocean noise, wildlife and so on.

The application allows to copy and share apps messages, stream audio via AirPlay, listen to calmy sounds and sleep well.


  • 100% ready to upload on AppStore
  • Share and copy functionality
  • Stream audio via AirPlay
  • Professional and minimalistic design
  • Three main menus
  • High quality sounds
  • High quality graphics
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Connected to Firebase
  • Cool audio player

Sleep Mate v1.0 - Full iOS Application

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